Create your digital human in 7 steps [Video]

Step 1: Create Aixa Account [Video]

Step 2: Create an Azure Account [Video]

To use the "Aixa Digital Human", you need to have an Azure account. Follow the steps below to create one or go through the following documentation.

Step 3: Create Azure Language Service with Custom Question Answering [Video]

The "Digital Human" product leverages Azure Language Service with custom question answering. Follow the steps below to create the service:

Step 4: Create a Knowledge Base and Upload Q&A Pairs in Language Studio [Video]

To provide accurate answers to user queries, you need to create a knowledge base and upload relevant Q&A pairs in Language Studio. Follow the steps below:

Step 5: Create a New Project in Aixa with FAQ Bot Configuration and Import Q&A pairs from Language Studio [Video]

Now, let's create a new project in Aixa with the FAQ bot configuration and integrate it with the Azure Language Service. Follow the steps below:

Step 6: Create Videos and Send to Production [Video]

Aixa allows you to create videos featuring your digital human. To create videos and send them to production, follow these steps:

Step 7: Test Your Digital Human and share [Video]

After completing the previous steps, you can test your digital human by visiting{Your Project Id} and interacting with it in a live environment. You can find this link on your project dashboard.

Congratulations! You have successfully imported Q&A pairs from Language Studio, created videos, and sent them to production. You can now test your digital human using

If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out to our support team at